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Demon's Plague

Kingdoms through ages rise and fall. When an impossible plague from a far-off land finds its way to England, a blacksmith and a doctor are the only two men on Earth who have the ability to cure it. The plague does not bring death alone. Those afflicted by it lose themselves to the sickness. They become soulless plaguewalkers, empty shells of humanity who hunt and consume those who still live. They spread the disease until they are destroyed, and such violent action is the only way to stop them.

As the plague ravages Valdus, the largest city in the land, a family is caught in the middle of the battle. A guard and his sister are at ground zero, and they must survive and fight their way to safety.

While those within the city struggle to survive and find shelter, a Northern Kingdom sees the plague as their opportunity to invade. The two cities have been at war for decades over land and beliefs, and the Knights of Valdus are the only defense against the armies of the north.

This is the story of two men seeking to end the plague. This is the story of a family just trying to survive. This is the story of battered knights fighting to protect their city.

This is the story of the Demon's Plague.

Cover design by Jelzoo

The Scissors and the Sword

Two murders, two pairs of scissors, a Scene of Crime investigator and a Samurai in London: A Supernatural Urban Fantasy for fans of Stephen King!

Two pairs of bloody scissors are the only clues recovered from a double-murder-scene in Hyde Park, and highstrung Scene of Crime Officer Jessica Cartwright has until the next full moon to put the pieces together.


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