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A shot of Expresso - Improve your writing style with this handy tool

Writing well is difficult to master, and various techniques to improve your style can be hard to implement. Now, there’s a tool that can put those techniques into practice for you, highlighting any weak spots, making editing simpler.

Expresso is a webapp that can quickly improve the quality of your writing by helping you find areas where you can make stylistic changes. Over time, you’ll develop an eye for awkward phrasing and be able to fix it on the fly.

A handy use of this tool is to use it to analyse great writing from other writers. When you spot a piece that you recognise as being incredibly well written, you can copy and paste it into the app, and make a note of the metrics. You could then try and match your metrics to theirs.

Here are some metrics for this article:

Metrics for editing

weak verbs 26.3%
filler words 1.9%
nominalizations 2%
entity substitutions 25.5%
negations per sentence 0
clustered nouns 0
passive voice per sentence 0
rare words 9%
extra long sentences 0
extra short sentences 0
frequent words (stems) write (5)
tool (3)
make (3)
improv (3)
well (2)
use (2)
techniqu (2)
style (2)
spot (2)
metric (2)
characters 867
words 156
vocabulary size 87
sentences 9
words per sentence 17.3
syllables per word 1.4
characters per word 4.4
readability grade 7.6
nouns 24.4%
pronouns 10.9%
verbs 24.4%
adjectives 5.8%
adverbs 4.5%
other parts of speech 30.1%
declarative sentences 88.9%
interrogative sentences 0%
exclamative sentences 0%
stopwords 51.3%

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