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Keep the words flowing - An app that deletes your work if you stop writing

Keeping distraction free whilst writing on a computer is incredibly difficult, with notifications beeping, and knowing that there’s a whole internet doing stuff without you as you write. This new app keeps you on track by deleting all your work if you stop writing.

Back in the day it was easy to lock yourself in a room with nothing but a typewriter and get down to work with no distractions. Nowadays, it’s not so easy. Even in a dark, empty room with nothing but your computer, you still have the world at your fingertips, and it’s easy to get distracted. This app puts an end to that, ensuring you keep writing until your deadline.

Some productivity techniques employ a carrot technique, rewarding you when you’ve written a certain amount, or for a certain length of time. Flowstate is the opposite, it very much employs the stick when it comes to encouragement.

You type in your title, choose your font, and then select a length of time that you want to write for, anything between five minutes and three hours. The moment you stop typing, your words begin to fade away, to be completely deleted after five seconds of doing nothing. Irrecoverable.

The creators describe Flowstate as “a response to the amphetanminic digital age, born out of ancient writing disciplines. It frees the writer to turn on, tune in, and block out.”

Whilst the app might not be the best tool for writing articles, or non-fiction pieces that require a lot of research and references, it is perfect for those writers who need to be focussed when getting everything out of their heads and written down, before going back and editing.

Allowing yourself the luxury of editing on the fly leads to a dangerous state of not actually achieving anything, because you’re always going back over what you’ve already done. You’ll then find you’ve spent hours in front of a computer screen without having written much at all.

Throughout history and across continents, philosophers and spiritualists have discussed a state of mind known as the "action of inaction," or "doing without doing," that closely resembles what modern psychologists call a "flow state." It is in the phenomenon known to most Westerners as "being in the zone," felt by painters, musicians, athletes, and writers throughout time.

Flowstate is billed as the first writing tool to emphasize the distinction between writing and editing.

Unlike other writing programs, Flowstate features a sacred space for initial creation, with rigid laws enlisted to unleash a person's thoughts, feelings, and ideas like water.

Get Flowstate here.


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