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A little introduction - Tips for writing a short author bio

When a reader picks up a book, invariably they’ll want to know a little about who wrote it and whether they’re a good writer, this is where your author bio comes in to play. Your bio gives your book credibility, as well as promotes you as an author. Here are some tips on what to include to get the best out of your bio.


Back to basics - 6 simple book promotion tips

Whether you’re just launching your new book, or you want to relaunch a flailing novel that’s not doing as well as you’d hoped, there are things you need to get right to give yourself the best platform from which to push. Here are six basic marketing tips.


Great beginnings - 3 tips on how to start your book

It’s very easy to come up with an idea and decide to start writing a book, but actually sitting down and typing those first words is very difficult, especially if you want your readers to finish. Here are three tips to writing a great beginning that will ensure people read to the end.


Get it out - 10 steps to getting your short story published

Getting your short story published is a great way to validate yourself as an author. Whether you’re doing it for a little extra money, to increase your visibility, or improve your reputation, a short story can improve your standing in the writing world, but it can be difficult. Here are ten steps to help you give you the best chance.


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