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/r/reviewcircle - Find other authors to review your books and review theirs in return

No one knows the power of a review more than another author, but sometimes it’s hard to find people willing to commit to giving your book a read and review. So we’ve created a community dedicated to exactly that.

It can be all too tempting for struggling authors to try and game the system by buying bulk fake reviews from sites like Fiver, but this can have a negative effect, especially now that Amazon is clamping down hard, removing obvious fake reviews, and suing those responsible.

Is there anywhere that authors with little or no budget can go for getting decent reviews?

There is now: /r/reviewcircle

We recently created a community on reddit where authors can post details of their book, along with a free copy for review, in order to garner open and honest book reviews from fellow redditors, and for readers to find new and exiting work for absolutely free in exchange for a well-written, thought out review.

Reddit, for those not in the know, is a social bookmarking site that pitches itself as the ‘Frontpage of the internet’. It has millions of dedicated and loyal members who visit thousands of smaller communities within the site, called subreddits.

/r/reviewcircle is brand-spanking new, only having been launched last week, and already there are fourteen books available for review, and over a hundred potential readers subscribed.

If you’ve got a book that you’d like to get a review for, login to reddit - if you haven’t already signed-up, you really should - and post, following the submission guidelines.

Visit /r/reviewcircle now.

Let us know what you think about /r/reviewcircle below, and be sure to sign up to our newsletter which includes tips and tricks, and special offers for our services, including ready-made book covers and designs, eBook formatting, and promotional tools.

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