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A little introduction - Tips for writing a short author bio

When a reader picks up a book, invariably they’ll want to know a little about who wrote it and whether they’re a good writer, this is where your author bio comes in to play. Your bio gives your book credibility, as well as promotes you as an author. Here are some tips on what to include to get the best out of your bio.


Back to basics - 6 simple book promotion tips

Whether you’re just launching your new book, or you want to relaunch a flailing novel that’s not doing as well as you’d hoped, there are things you need to get right to give yourself the best platform from which to push. Here are six basic marketing tips.


Marketing mayhem - Ten promotion mistakes to avoid

When self-publishing you have to do most of the marketing yourself, but it can seem like a minefield if you’ve never done it before. Getting it wrong can mean the difference between success and failure. Here are ten mistakes to avoid when promoting your book.


Site for sore eyes - 15 tips for a successful author website

When you become an author you’ll find you need a base of operations, a single place where your fans can come to you, find information, get in contact, buy your books. This place needs to be your website, but where do you start, what do you need? Here’s 15 tips to make your website worth visiting.


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