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In it for the money - 8 signs that your publisher is scamming you

Your job as a writer is to write. With self-publishing, you’re also expected to have a hand in editing, marketing and sales, graphic design, as well as a host of other jobs that would normally be handled by a traditional publisher. It’s recommended you get professionals in to help you with the heavy lifting, but how do you know you’re not being scammed?


Cut the crap - Tighten your writing by getting rid of these 10 filler words

When words are your weapon it’s understandable to want to play with them, using as many as you can, and make your sentences flowery. Unless you’re writing poetry, you will be surprised at how many unnecessary filler words you write, which can have a negative impact on the reader. Here are a list of words that you should immediately put a red line through.


Publish me - How to write the perfect book proposal to get them to say yes!

If you’re writing a non-fiction book, trying to find someone to publish it is a different journey than a regular novel. With fiction, you will normally have to have a completed manuscript ready to go before you start trying to pitch it, but non-fiction books can be picked up on the back of an idea. Here are the things you need to include when submitting your non-fiction book proposal.


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