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Digital only or digital and PDF?

Digital only covers are included in the initial price. These are supplied in various resolutions suitable for use in your ebook and for uploading to any online services.

If you are looking to get hard copies of your book printed, then select the PDF option. As well as the digital copy of your cover, we'll also provide a print-ready copy for printing. Simply let us know which service you'll be using, and the number of pages in your book, and we'll put together a wrap-around cover that fits just right.

Exclusive or non-exclusive ready-made cover?

To make sure our pre-made ebook covers are affordable for everyone we offer them on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

If you are simply looking for a cover for your book, at the best possible price, then maybe a non-exclusive cover is the choice for you.

We limit sales of each cover to five different books. These could range from novels that you are self-publishing for family and friends to part of a series you're offering for sale online. With the versatility of our pre-mades it's unlikely you'll share shelf-space with another in the same genre.

If you want to make sure that no one else will have the same cover as you then opt for an Exclusive cover. As well as the exclusivity, you'll also receive a few extras.

Can I reserve a ready-made cover exclusively?

Yes you can. Simply go through the process of buying it on our site. We’ll email you to find out about your book and when you think you’ll be ready with all the necessary details to put together your great ebook cover.

What changes can I make to a ready-made cover?

You can change the title, subtitle, and author name.

In most cases we believe we’ve chosen the best possible typeface for the design, but if you have a specific font in mind we might also be able to change it if you tell us specifically what you require and we have the appropriate licenses.

We will also tweak the author name to suit or if you have specific branding.

Will I own the rights to the images used?

No. For that you will need to exclusively license the photography which is incredibly expensive, or hire your own photographer. Instead, we use stock and open source imagery to create your cover which will also be available to other authors. Most bespoke covers we create are composites, made of different images to create one great overall cover, meaning the finished product will be unique anyway.

Do I need to credit the photographer?

In some instances, yes. In order to give everyone the opportunity to have a great looking front cover for their book, we keep our prices low by using stock and open source photography. Sometimes a photographer will require a credit in order to use their work. This can be achieved with a simple attribution paragraph on your copyright page, edition notice, or colophon.

What do I get with a bespoke cover?

If you can’t find something from our pre-made ebook cover library, a bespoke cover might be for you. You simply give us a brief for your book, and some guidelines on what you think you might like and we will put together a cover especially for you.

Will you produce multiple bespoke covers for me to choose from?

We don’t produce a number of covers. Instead, we carefully discuss what you are looking for and coupled with your book brief will produce the cover that we believe will be best. This can then be tweaked and styled to suit.

Can I have the original design file?

Unfortunately not. We do not supply or sell the original files as this would break various licensing agreements for imagery and typefaces as we can’t supply these individually for use in a template.

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